Dr. Eryaman received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Bilkent University,
Turkey. Following the graduation, he joined the National Magnetic Resonance Research Center
(UMRAM) in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Bilkent University, where he earned his MSc
(2007) and PhD (2011) degrees. He continued his research at the Research Lab of Electronics at
MIT and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at MGH. He joined CMRR as a research associate
in 2014 and later promoted to an assistant professor (tenure track) in 2018. He has published
journal and conference papers as well as patents on various problems related to magnetic
resonance imaging. His research interests include investigation of hardware and software based
solutions for radio-frequency safety problems in MRI. He is a recipient of NIH/NIBIB K99 Pathway to
Independence Award (2016).
Dr. Eryaman is passionate about music. He has been composing and performing acoustic guitar
music publicly for 25 years in both casual and concert settings. He is the co-founder, guitarist, lead
vocalist of the Turkish-Balkan progressive music band “Uskudar Eclectic”. He is also a “McKnight
Musician Fellowship” finalist (2016, Minnesota) and “Cedar Commissions” Artist (2019, Minnesota).