Aydın has served on the TAAM Board in different positions since 2015 and served as the President for the 2019-2020 term. She is a native of Izmir, Turkey. After completing her BS degree in psychology at Middle East Technical University, Turkey, she has come to the United States for her graduate studies and has completed her MS and Ph.D. degrees at Purdue University in cognitive psychology.
She is currently a Distinguished Global Professor at University of Minnesota Duluth.
In collaboration with colleagues at AÇEV (Mother Child Education Foundation) in Istanbul, she is one of the developers of an adult literacy program in Turkey. The program has now reached almost 200,000 individuals (mostly women) and has won the US Library of Congress and UNESCO literacy prizes. Currently, with colleagues at AÇEV, she is working on an UN-Women supported program to empower young women Not in Education, Employment or Training (what is termed NEET youth).
She has two adult sons, Erdem and Bengi.