AHMET AKAL is an inspirational and creative Senior Leader who adds value to Global organizations with extensive experience in leading sales & operations improvement and technology adaptation & management initiatives. He has diversified global experience in contract negotiations, marketing and sales, procurement, project Management, financing and management consulting. He has managed diverse and complex businesses in Milano, Dusseldorf, Istanbul, London, Caracas, Venezuela, Los Angeles and New York City.

His specialties include multi-million dollar subcontracting and outsourcing negotiation/management, Government Contracts, Executive Management, Sales and Sales Management, Debt and Dispute Management, Strong Procurement and Outsourcing Skills and Experience, Operations Management, Business Process Management with and without Technology, International Arbitration and Litigation Management Experience, CRM, ECM and BPM architectural expertise.

Mr Akal is married with two daughters. He is living in Twin Cities for 20 years. He is from Ankara, and went to school in Ankara and L.A.   Mr. Akal likes skiing, soccer and running. He also likes digital photography and technology a lot. He helps with local charities and is good in arranging for charity based events, specifically raising funds.